What is LAMP?
In 2001, the Ministry of Education released a publication entitled More Than Words: The New Zealand Adult Literacy Strategy. It made for sobering reading. Study after study has shown that too many New Zealanders lack the basic skills to cope successfully in today’s workplaces and communities. LAMP is an on-line adult literacy programme which has been designed to help literacy and vocational tutors address this problem. It consists of a needs analysis test, language and maths modules as well as assessments. The e-learning modules are self directed, fully interactive, multi media rich and have been designed in consultation with literacy and numeracy experts. They are extremely useful resources which help students get the most out of their literacy classes and allow tutors to focus on teaching.

Future Skills
LAMP is being developed by Future Skills; a private training establishment that was founded in 2000. In 2001 the Organisation branched out into the field of e-learning development with the establishment of the LAMP Programme which is currently being used by a number of Polytechnics and PTEs throughout New Zealand. For more information about Future Skills, please visit our website: www.futureskills.co.nz


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